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The Law Offices of Michael T. Shepherd represents both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation, personal injury law, and construction defect cases. The firm has a strong background in successfully representing clients in cases that include business torts, liability torts, and commercial litigation.

With a certificate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law, Michael T. Shepherd has the skill and experience you need to help you avoid a trial, resolving disputes through an assisted negotiation process between two parties.

When you work with Mr. Shepherd, you’ll get the one-on-one attention you need and deserve, from a trusted lawyer who has a reputation for getting results for his clients.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can involve a wide variety of civil matters at both the state and federal levels. Mr. Shepherd has helped hundreds of clients resolve disputes in commercial settings stemming from professional relationships, both in and out of the court room.

Personal Injury Litigation

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a personal injury case involving negligence, intentional acts or a wrongful act (or “tort”), you need a personal injury attorney you can trust to get you the results you deserve. Michael Shepherd has represented a long list of clients in numerous complex personal injury cases.

General Business Representation

Local business owners have found that having an established relationship with our office has helped avoid costly legal matters. These clients are able to receive the legal help they need quickly as Mr. Shepard already understands their business model and their business needs.

Mediation (ADR)

Mr. Shepard completed rigorous mediation training at the University of Pepperdine School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. He believes that mediation can be a vital process to resolving your legal matter. Mediation brings all parties, plus their counsel, to the table with the goal of reaching a resolution without the expense of a trial. Mr. Shepherd has been successful in aiding those in litigation through mediation.

With two conference rooms designed for discretion and comfort and multiple entrances to the office, all parties can expect privacy and professionalism necessary for a successful mediation.

Employment Law

This office represents employers and employees. Employers need all the available resources to run a successful business and employee problems can be very disruptive. Mr. Shepard can aid the employer in navigating the employment law arena.

Sometimes an employee needs representation regarding wrongful termination. This office is here to help.

Estate Trusts

This office assists those who find themselves involved in disputes involving trusts. In these situations, it is important to seek legal help quickly in order to resolve the dispute. Unfortunately, other family members and their emotions are usually involved which complicates the facts of the dispute. Contact our office to get the representation you need.

Product Liability

Manufacturers are required to make safe products. If you have been injured by a defective product, call Mr. Shepard for a consultation.

Construction Defects

These cases may involve anything from minor issues, like popped nails and peeling paint, to more serious problems such as leaky windows causing toxic-mold contamination or situations where buildings must be bulldozed. Michael Shepherd has seen it all, including cases dealing with faulty design, code violations, cracked foundations, substandard workmanship, unsafe structures, and more. If you’re dealing with the impact of a construction defect, call the Law Offices of Michael T. Shepherd today.

Elder Abuse

As we, or our loved ones, get older, we need to depend on others to care for us. If you are concerned that an elderly person is being abused, report this immediately.

Our elderly are more susceptible to financial fraud than others. Elder financial abuse is on the rise. Contact our office if you need help with elder abuse.

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